Written by Jackie Finlan    Saturday, 10 November 2012 00:27    PDF Print Write e-mail
Beantown Still in Line for D2 Title
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Although Beantown dropped their Women’s Premier League semifinal, the DII side is still in the hunt for their title. Beantown II knocked off Albuquerque 20-3 during today's quarterfinal.

The scoring got started the same way that Beantown’s WPL side began, with a three-pointer. Amanda Cleary slotted the penalty in the 11th minute, and Wyndham Juneau added a five-pointer in the 25th minute.

The Atomic Sisters got on the board in the second half, thanks to a Deanna McGillivray penalty, but the rest of the match belonged to Beantown II. Juneau got her second try, while Tara Roberts dotted down as well.

“We owned them in the scrums and took advantage of that weakness,” Beantown captain Monique Gallant said. “We were able to put it in quick and march downfield on a couple of occasions. Our phase play was good, too. That said, they were good in the rucks and able to strip the ball out of our hands a few times. And their kicking game was strong – we had a few dropped balls due to the wind.”

Key to Beantown’s win was flanker Tara Roberts, who saw and hit the holes hard, and flyhalf Anne Venner, who managed the game well and put teammates into space.

It wasn’t the perfect game for Beantown II, and coach Laurie Bourbon noted that the little things, like ball placement, needed to improve.

“We made a few more mistakes than we wanted to, but the overall  desire and intensity was there, and as we go on we’re going to cut down those mistakes,” Gallant said. “It was definitely nerves. For most of the players, this is the first time we’ve been eligible and playing at nationals. It’s a whole new ball game for us.”

But it’s a whole new experience for the WPL side, too. Now, they find themselves on the sidelines of teammates who typically showed support for their games. Only now, the WPL players will be cheering on clubmates still vying for a national championship.