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Women Eagle RWC Pool Named
National Teams - USA Women

USA Women's 15s Head Coach Pete Steinberg has named a 55-player pool to see the program through the 2014 season, which includes the 2014 Women's Rugby World Cup.

Mitch Nieto photo.“We’ve established these players in prior camps and games over the past few years as potentially being contributors for us in the World Cup,” Steinberg said. “These are athletes who we believe have the ability to be World Cup-ready in 300 days.”

There will be an open tryout tentatively scheduled for December, during which more players can play their way into the pool.

“We are also looking for the athletes that haven’t put their hands up yet,” said Steinberg. “We will always look for players that can create competition within the program.”

As he evaluateds players through a series of intra-squad matches and as many as eight test matches, Steinberg is looking for specific abilities.

“We need to know what the players are capable of and how they perform under pressure,” said Steinberg. “We plan on providing players with all of the competition they need in order to be prepared for the World Cup. This also gives us a great deal of time to understand each player and know their tendencies and abilities.”

Games for the 2014 World Cup in France are scheduled for August 1, 5, 9, 13, and 17, respectively. The pools are yet to be drawn.

USA Women's PLayer Pool 2014:
Sadie Anderson
Katy Augustyn
Libby Berg
Amelia Bizer
Sharon Blaney
Megan Bonny
Phoebe Boone
Sylvia Braaten
Rebecca Brafman
Francine Bray
Stacey Bridges
Anna Brown
Jamie Burke
Emilie Bydwell
Elena Cantorna
Ryan Carlyle
Erica Cavanaugh
Sarah Chobot
Jessica Davis
Lauren Daly
Melanie Denham
Kate Daley
Katie Dowty
Carmen Farmer
Elizabeth Fierman
Amanda Kingzett
Molly Kinsella
Joanna Kitlinski
Ashley Kmiecik
Tess Kohanski
Lynelle Kugler
Jennifer Lui
Nathalie Marchino
Helen Rose Miesner
Laura Miller
Katie O’Malley
Deven Owsiany
Samantha Pankey
Anne Peterson
Jillion Potter
Naima Reddick
Christy Ringgenberg
Hope Rogers
Kimber Rozier
Amanda Street
Hannah Stolba
Jocelyn Tseng
Shaina Turley
Emily Van Gulik
Kittery Wagner
Sarah Walsh
Sarah Wilson
Caroline White
Jessica Wooden
Kristin Zdanczewicz