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Isles Not Done with Rugby Yet, Apparently
Sevens - USA Sevens Men

More news coming in on the Carlin Isles singing with the Detroit Lions.

Isles, center, with Nick Edwards at left and Zack Test at right, might look at playing both sports. Ian Muir photo.First of all, the Detroit Lions have not made the playoffs, and therefore have only this week in which to play. This is a short-term thing for Isles in which he can show the Lions coaching staff what he can do.

It's also a nice little payday. The USA 7s players do not make much money (we don't have specifics but it's less than $30,000 a year and closer to $20,000, and for some, even less). Practice squad players make $6,000 a week.

In addition, Isles has apparently told some sources that he still "loves rugby" and will be in Las Vegas with the USA team (if picked, of course).

The Isles decision highlights the fact that while the USA 7s squad-members are paid and are considered professionals, they are not paid very much. Players do get other perks, such as free enrollment in DeVry University programs, and free food, but the salary is very small, and some players have opted to leave the program in order to concentrate on their careers or business opportunities.

Head Coach Matt Hawkins has said he wants more potential USA players to move to the San Diego area so they can study or work while also training with the team for a small stipend. But that plan is in its infancy. Meanwhile, if a football team shows interest in a player, when it comes to money, rugby cannot compete.