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USA and Life Players Enjoy Big Game
National Teams - USA Men

The USA domestic players faced off with Life University this past weekend to cap off the USA domestic camp.

Forty-seven players took part in the scrimmage, and here's a photo of all of them. It's interesting to note, that the Life team was no team of patsies. At least ten of the Life players have been in the USA system either in age-grade, All Americans, USA Selects, or full Eagles. Others are very close to gaining that status.

Here's the post-game photo. Click on the image for a larger version.

Back Row, left to right: Miles Craigwell, Brodie Orth, Demecus Beach, Garrett Lambert, Cathal Doyle, Chris Sullivan, Tim Maupin, non-player, Chris Chapman, Lou Stanfill, non-player, Matt Trouville, TC Elliott, Kyle Strohman, Dean Gericke, Tom Katzfey, Joe Cowley, Graham Harriman, Jason Davila, Dave Gannon, Zach Walker, Jake Anderson, Cornelius Dirksen, Jack Tracy, Kris Headlee, Zach Simkins, non-player, Adam Siddall, Danny Barrett, AJ McGinty  Front Row, left to right: Olive Kilifi, Aaron Young, Mike Petri, Chad London, Zach Fenoglio, Shaun Davies, Derek Asbun, Kelly Kolberg, Tom Coolican, Calvin Nell, Glenn Maricelli, Kyle Sumsion, John Cullen seated in front of Paris Hollis, Harley Davidson, Benji Goff, Blaine McIlroy, Nick Wallace, Aaron McMaster, Shalom Suniula. Dennis D. Hawk photo.