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Iceland National Team Touring PNW Before Playing in Vegas
Tournaments - LVI

The Las Vegas Invitational Feb 7-9 will welcome a number of international teams in its many competitions, but none more intriguing than Iceland.

While it seems that the harsh volcanic land settled by the Vikings more than a 1,000 years ago, the land where one of the oldest legislative assemblies, the Thing, still meets, would be a perfect nursery for rugby, Iceland is more a land of strength sports and soccer.

But Iceland does have a little bit of rugby, and has sent a national team to play 15s and 7s through North America.

They are slated to play in British Columbia, and then against the Valley Rugby Club in the Seattle area - a place not unfamiliar with the heritage of Scandinavia. And then they will take on ORSU in Portland, Ore., before getting to Vegas for the LVI, where they will play in the Men's Elite bracket.

This tour, or keppnisferĂ°, is an ambitious one for the team, and one that they hope helps raise the level of player in Iceland.