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SoCal Men's 7s All-Stars Announce Plans
Sevens - All-Stars

The Southern California RFU men’s 7s All-Star program has released its plans for the 2011 7s National All-Star Championships at the Olympic training Center in San Diego on August 26-27.

Griffins program director Jeremy Ognall will assemble a coaching staff led by Craig Hartley (OMBAC), James Walker (Belmont Shore) and Salty Thompson (Tempe). Hartley was appointed as the 2010 coach but the Union chose not to send a team to New York due to a lack of player availability, so he once again earns the opportunity in 2011.

With the success of both Belmont Shore and OMBAC in once again achieving the National playoffs and with the addition of Arizona to the Southern California Union, Ognall believes he could not have a stronger staff. 

"With Salty, James and Craig driving the chosen team in a month’s time, I could not wish for a better cast of 7s professionals to rely on," said Ognall. "We will put the best 12 athletes on the field to show what Southern California 7s is all about, and to allow Al Caravelli an opportunity to select those that deserve further opportunity at the Eagle player pool assembly."

The selection process will be based on performances throughout the 7s season to date, showing at Nationals on August 6-7, and, most importantly, by attending an open combine and trial to be held at UCLA on August 20. The 12 players selected on the evening of August 20 will participate in a training session othe next day.

For details on the combine and any other related questions please contact Craig Hartley on  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  There will be a $20 registration fee for the combine attendance.