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Lions Win Second Straight Midwest 7s Qualifier
Sevens - Club Sevens

The Chicago Lions stood at the top of the heap this past weekend at the Firehouse 7s tournament, the second stop in the Midwest Summer Series.

Chicago surpassed stiff competition in the Rhinos, 1823 and the Cincinnati Wolfhounds. The Lions made short order of the Rhinos and Wolfhounds, but it was 1823 that gave the Lions the most trouble. The Lions faced off against the Columbus squad twice, both with similarly successful results.

They say speed kills, and the Lions seemed to exemplify that motto in every match Saturday. From their first match against 1823, the Lions used continuous phase play and offloads to put up point after point on their competition. When they weren’t moving the ball swiftly through their hands, the Lions let their swiftness carry them over the whitewash.

The Lions’ speed allowed them to take advantage of their opponents’ mistakes, with the result often being five points being put on the board. Their speed also allowed them to break away from their opponents after breakdowns and set pieces with devastating results. Kicker, Dan Wright’s foot was spot-on most of the day as well, converting on most of the tries and widening the gap between the Lions and their competition.

The Lions played straight through, going undefeated to take top honors on the day.

The Rhinos and CARPS, though they didn’t place at the top of their brackets, found measures of success in the tournament. The Rhinos, who had a number of sides entered into the competition, were able to take home a close victory against the Wolfhounds early in the day. Following a forfeit from Bloomington, the CARPS began to show their skill from the previous summer and shutout a replacement team of Rhinos, who stepped in to fill the competitive void. While these squads showed potential, they were unable to make dents in their respective pools.

Next week’s pools were announced, and it seems as though Pool C – 1823, Milwaukee Barbarians, Madtown and Youngbloodz – is set to have some exciting rugby action.

Pool Matches:

Rhino 26 Wolfhounds 19
1823 7 Lions 36
Barbarians 28 Western Michigan 5
Youngbloodz 12 Grand Rapids 10
Bloomington 0 Griffins 28 (forfeit)
CARP 0 Madtown 19
Rhino 12 1823 33
Wolfhounds 14 Lions 28
Barbarians 19 Youngbloodz 5
Western Michigan 45 Grand Rapids 7
Bloomington 0 CARP 28 (forfeit)
Griffins 19 Madtown 15
Rhino 5 Lions 31
1823 26 Wolfhounds 14
Barbarians 40 Grand Rapids 12
Western Michigan 14 Youngbloodz 15
Bloomington 0 Madtown 28
Griffins 32 CARP 10

Championship Semis
Lions 21 1823 19
Milwaukee 24 Griffins 12

Consolation Semis
Madtown 19 Rhino 10
Youngbloodz 26 WMU 10

Cup Final:
Lions 28 Barbarians 10

3rd Place:
Griffins 0 1823 50

5th Place:
Youngbloodz 22 Madtown 12

7th Place:
Western Michigan 20 Rhino 12

Midwest Men's 7s Standings Pts Played
Lions (Chicago, IL) 24 2
1823 (Columbus, OH) 19 2
Barbarians (Milwaukee, WI) 19 2
WRFC (Madison, WI) 14 2
Youngbloodz (Minneapolis, MN) 14 2
Griffins (Chicago, IL) 14 2
WMU (Kalamazoo, MI) 9 2
Rhino (Chicago, IL) 8 2
Wolfpack (Woodbury, MN) 5 1
Carps (Cleveland, OH) 0 1
Wolfhounds (Cincinatti, OH) 0 1
Gazelles (Grand Rapids, MI) 0 1
Crash (Bloomington, IN) 0 1