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Coach Disappointed with Canadian Loss
Canada - Men

Canadian Coach Kieran Crowley was disappointed by his team's 25-16 loss to Italy in a game that was only 19-16 loss.

"Pretty disappointed really from our perspective," said the coach, who is entering his fourth year at the helm of the Canadian team. "We played into their hands in the second half and we did in the first half too.  We didn't execute what we went out there to do. I think we played to their strengths a little bit by getting in a few (fights) around the side and getting in that physical battle with them. I take my hat off to them. Their scrum is very good [and] their contact was very effective and that was the ball game really."

“From our point of view it was a good win,” added Italy head coach Jacque Brunel. “Canada is a tough team and they showed the strong spirit they had at the World Cup and against the U.S.A. last week. We knew it would be a difficult game, so we are happy with the result.”

In the second half Canada began to miss the heft of prop Hubert Buydens who went down with injury fifteen minutes into the first half. A long rolling maul from the Italians. led to a try that put Italy ahead to stay.

Crowley was happy enough with the overall defensive structure of the Canadian team, noting the lone Italian try came as a result of a penalty to the corner and a drive from the lineout, not problems with his team's defensive pattern

"You have to say the defense was reasonable but we've got to get more physical in that area as well," said Crowley. "It was an area that structurally wasn't too bad but we have to keep working to get more effective at it."

Replacement scrumhalf Ed Fairhurst, Canada's most capped player with 56 test appearances, said the disruptive nature of the Italian forwards at the break down was an effective tactic by the visitors.

"They slowed down our ball very well and between that and us not being able to play the ball we wanted to play - they did that very well," said the Vancouver resident. "I think our guys did pretty well at counter acting some of that in the second half."