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Canada Captain Pat Riordan Discusses RWC
Canada - Men

During pre-World Cup camp in Australia, Canada's Rugby World Cup captain Pat Riordan sat down with a video production crew to answer a series of questions framed around the world's third-largest sports fixture.

Riordan's responses to the following questions will be used as a RWC Captain's Video package to precede Canada's pool matches in New Zealand.

The captain with 39 caps to his name has been at the helm of his nation's senior men's rugby team since 2008, when former All Black Kieran Crowley was appointed head coach of the side.

Known as Pat 'one take' Riordan for his deft responses and ability to knock out a film shoot in one hit, Riordan answered the questions with candid honesty and respect for the tournament and his team's upcoming opponents.

If you aren't attending Canada's Rugby World Cup pool matches, here's a peak at some of the questions posed and the answers given.

What are your strengths as a team?
"I think our team's got a couple of different strengths, probably our forward play which is something if you'd ask me a year ago it wouldn't have been quite a strength of ours. Our other strength we've really come up with in the last six months is scoring opportunistic tries."

Who are the danger teams in your pool?
"They're all danger teams and that's a bit of a cliched answer in sports, but for us if we look beyond any team we've got a real danger of hitting a banana peel there."

Who will be the team to beat at the Rugby World Cup?

"Well that's a tough one, I've been asked that question a couple of times and I said 'who's going to win the tournament is whoever scores more points in the final, it's as simple as that.'"

What advice would you give to a young player at his first Rugby World Cup?
"Really take control of your own destiny. It's pretty easy to just let things happen, you've really just got to take control."

Have you ever been to New Zealand and what do you think of the country?
"I've been lucky enough to be to New Zealand three times... It's fantastic, I really enjoyed it. I find there's a lot of similarities to Canada, especially the West coast."

What message do you have to your supporters?
"Looking up when you think you're all alone in Georgia or on the Gold Coast and you look up and you see these flags and you see these hockey jerseys in the crowd, it's fantastic. Just a big thanks."