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Confusion as Florida DII North #1 Unclear
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The Tampa Bay Krewe won 43-21 over Orlando Saturday, seemingly securing 1st place in the Florida DII North division.

However, on Monday the Florida Rugby Union reexamined the November 3 clash between Tampa and Orlando, and ruled that the game was in fact a 31-24 victory for Orlando, not a 24-24 tie.

As a result, Tampa dropped from a 6-1-1 record with 41 standings points to a 6-2 record with 40 standings points. Meanwhile Orlando went from a 5-2-1 record with 38 points to a 6-2 record with 41 points and first place.

The FRU originally scheduled Tampa and Jacksonville to play last November 10. However, extenuating circumstances forced the teams to postpone the game for three months, and Orlando remained in first.

On November 3, 2013, Tampa hosted Orlando. The Krewe led 17-0 at halftime, but Orlando roared back to tie the game 24-24.

The teams decided then to play overtime - it’s still not clear how that decision was made – and the Griffins scored a try in overtime to win.

In the weeks following the game, Tampa Bay protested the decision on the grounds the official rules and regulations set by the FRU did not allow for overtime play during the regular season. Orlando maintained Tampa Bay had either agreed, or recommended, an overtime period, an assertion denied by the Krewe. By the middle of December, the FRU ruled in favor of the Krewe, and the official score for the match became the 24-24 tie.

Orlando’s coach unsuccessfully appealed this decision.

On December 15 the teams played a rematch, won by Tampa 25-21.

On Feb. 4, the FRU reversed its decision and approved the overtime victory for OrLando from November 3.

However, this could all change again as Tampa has appealed the reversal.

Crossover playoffs between the North and South start this weekend, and it’s the lower-seeds from the Florida-South that are in limbo as they await the final decision.

As it stands now, South Conference #4 Fort Lauderdale will visit Orlando, and South #3 Miami Tridents will travel to Tampa. But those matchups could reverse. For sure, Daytona will travel to Boca Raton and Jacksonville will visit Naples.

Brian Cole from Florida Rugby Examiner contributed to this report.