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Unbeaten DIIs in MARFU Clash
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It’s not unreasonable to claim that the Mid-Atlantic has the toughest DII men’s club competition in the country.

Is Roses offense, averaging over 60 points a game, for real? We should find out.It’s not that the region sends teams to the national finals weekend almost every year (five out of the last seven), but more that it’s a different team every year – defending national champs Rocky Gorge, who are only 1-1 by the way, Doylestown, Roses, and Brandywine have all been there.

This season, as usual, it’s difficult to get a handle on who is going to come out the best. After three weeks of the season only two teams – the Roses of Lancaster, Pa., and Wilmington – are undefeated. Severn River and Richmond lead the MARFU South with 2-1 records, while Brandywine lurks behind Roses and Wilmington also at 2-1.

And after this weekend, only one team will have a perfect record, if that, as Roses and Wilmington clash in Delaware.

Roses have blown away their competition so far, blasting Brandywine 69-17, driving back Hibernians 62-10, and putting Jersey Shore in the shutout situation 53-0. And while you can discount the results as being against weaker teams – Jersey Shore and Hibernians are still winless – Brandywine rebounded from that loss to win two in a row.

The Roses just flat score points.

“It has been a pretty simple formula for this season,” said Roses club president Michael Deeley. “Hard work, hard work, hard work, followed by some more hard work.”

Deeley didn’t want to single out any star players because, he said, it’s been a total team effort.

“This year has been a exciting continuation of a team-building experience that will continue to grow and provide true Roses Rugby into the future,” Deeley enthused.

“The team is excited, and looking forward, to a quality match with Wilmington.  Part of growing is facing quality opponents and pushing yourself at any chance you can.  Win or lose, we will be learning and getting better every week.”

It will be a stern test for the Roses, as they take on a Wilmington team that has had to struggled to get to 2-0, edging Blackthorn 30-20, and Doylestown 35-28. 

“As of right now, our forwards are playing great and we have good depth, but overall I believe our run to the round of final eight in Pittsburgh last spring really helped the club grow as a unit,” said Head Coach Bjorn Haglid.

Haglid said the team remembers a tough game against Roses last year in Lancaster, when the wind was a major factor.

They are prepared for a battle.

“I haven’t seen them play since last spring but I know our team and we are a better team,” said Haglid, adding that Lancaster’s scorelines imply they haven’t met a tough defense yet. “This will not be the same issue when they come down to play against us.”

Current Standings

Roses 3 0 0 184 27 157 3 0 15
Wilmington 2 0 0 65 48 17 2 0 10
Brandywine 2 1 0 87 117 -30 2 0 10
Doylestown 1 2 0 119 83 36 2 1 7
Blackthorn 1 1 0 44 47 -3 1 0 5
Jersey Shore 0 2 0 24 82 -58 1 1 2
Hibernians 0 3 0 34 153 -119 0 1 1

Severn River 2 1 0 95 89 6 3 1 12
Richmond 2 1 0 94 78 16 2 0 10
Rocky Gorge 1 1 0 46 27 19 1 1 6
Washington Irish 1 1 0 36 40 -4 0 1 5
Frederick 0 2 0 34 71 -37 0 1 1