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Victorious Raptors Look Ahead to Sunday
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Chula Vista, Calif. – Director of Rugby for Glendale Rugby Football Club and Head 15s coach, Mark Bullock, described the first thirty minutes of today’s match against Santa Monica Rugby Club like a horse race – “It was very fast paced which played more to our advantage than to theirs,” said Bullock.

James Paterson scores for Glendale. Photo courtesy Glendale Rugby.Glendale RFC was victorious over Santa Monica Rugby Club in the first match of the Round of 16, by 50 points to 19.  “We were successful in open space support and this was evident by the number of tries we were able to score in the game,” commented Bullock.

No 8 and captain, Nic Johnson, had this to say about the encounter, “Santa Monica played a similar style of rugby to us today.  They looked to move the ball into space however, we were able to finish and they weren’t.

“Cohesion between our team was solid and we communicated extremely well amongst ourselves which is something we have been working on extensively during training over the past few weeks.”

Johnson felt that the first half went well for Glendale RFC.  However, he felt that Santa Monica’s onslaught, just after half time, caught his team flat footed and Santa Monica made it difficult for Glendale to execute their game plan.   This afforded Santa Monica the opportunity to score two tries in a matter of minutes and unsettle the dominance Glendale had enjoyed during the first half.

“There are 80 minutes in a game,” commented Bullock, “and when you are playing quality teams like we are experiencing at the Round of 16, there will be moments that will go well and then there are moments that will not go so well.  The first twenty minutes of the 2nd half was an example of such a situation after having had such a solid performance in the first half.

“But the team showed great resolve and character to fight through the tough time and go on to score 19 points in the second half to Santa Monica’s 12 points.”

Bullock was pleased with his team’s overall performance and made special mention of wing, Iniki Fa’amausili, who Bullock feels stepped up his game to the level of competition and delivered a solid performance.

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s game against the Austin Blacks, Bullock and his team will be wary of the Blacks 9 & 10 – both former Scottish U25 players.  The Blacks wings are also know for their speed while the forwards are big and like to put up a physical battle.

Bullock is confident his team is up for the challenge and will continue to play their structured style of rugby which has been a key factor in their success this season.


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