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Late Defense Sees San Mateo Through
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San Mateo put themselves right in the mix of the Northern California DI club league as they upset the Sacramento Lions 20-17 Saturday.

The Lions were thinking about clinching 2nd place in the league, but instead dropped to 5th with the loss.

In the opening minutes San Mateo’s outside center received a tackle that left him on the field dazed.  It stopped the game for several minutes to assure the player was safe and then removed from the field.  This opened up the first penalty kick opportunity for San Mateo, and they slotted a penalty.

The Lions rebounded with a try on the outside, but San Mateo dominated the rest of the hal, scoring a try off defensive pressure, which forced a drop, a penalty, and another try to lead 20-5.

Sacramento played better in the second half, and got a a penalty try when Brett Willis was tackled high as he was running in to score.

The Lions scored again, but couldn’t get any closer.

Sacramento had opportunities to win the game, but couldn’t quite do it. An attack to the San Mateo line ended with a penalty in the ruck. Other forays were stymied by the San Mateo defense. At the end of the match Sacramento had a very kickable penalty that could have tied the game. They opted for the lineout to attempt to score the winning try, but aggressive tackling from San Mateo forced a turnover and essentially sealed the game for San Mateo.


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