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South Pulls Away From Midwest in 2nd Half
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The South tested the Midwest Di. Photo USA RugbyThe South Men's Collegiate All-Stars reached their second-straight National Collegiate All-Star Championships final after beating the Midwest 57-28 Thursday at Infinity Park in Glendale, Colo.

After jumping out to a 14-0 start, the South lost some intensity and the Thunderbirds scored 13-consecutive points. The South would muster another score before halftime for a 21-13 lead, but were displeased with their overall performance to that point.

"We kind of stepped off the gas, and that's never a good thing in all-star rugby, as you saw," said Life and South loose forward Cam Dolan.
"We had a good talk at half and just said, you know what boys, we just need to start supporting each other, because we weren't supporting each other, we were just watching ball, and we want to score 30 points in this half, and we can if we just get back to the basics, and we did."

Led by stellar efforts from Dolan and flyhalf Patrick Sullivan (Arkansas State), the South blew apart the match after intermission.

The Midwest got outstanding performances from Davenport flyhalf JP Eloff and Davenport prop forward Angus MacLellan, while captain and No. 8 Kyle Stroman of Indiana repeatedly asked questions of the South defense with his running.

But the questions were usually answered adequately, as the South forwards were quicker to the breakdown, and their thundering runs broke enough tackles to get the Southerners into the end zone six times in the second half.

"If you miss tackles, the South makes you pay," said Midwest Head Coach Ron Bowers. "We want to play up to the Tier I competitive level, and we had expected a better result. But we got beat at the breakdown."

The off day will be a busy one for the Thunderbirds, as they will study both their own game film and that of the Pacific Coast v. Southern California match (they play the loser).

"We will have a light session and then recovery, but we will be breaking down those films to get ready for Saturday," Bowers said.

The South should have a leg up in terms of maintaining continuity from Thursday to Saturday, as it benefits from a level of cohesion that perhaps no other territory has.

"We're a pretty tight-knit group. We jell together pretty well," said Dolan. "We come from a select few schools, and a lot of us have been on the same all-star teams for at least a couple years now, so the boys know each other really well."

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West One Downs Northeast at NASC
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The West 1 team (the Mustangs split into two teams to help fill the tournament field) got off to a good start in the National Collegiate All-Star Championships in Glendale, Colo. Thursday with a 29-14 win over the Northeast.

The Northeast used a crash-heavy game plan in the early goings to control the action, and penalties handling errors help slow the Mustang attack.

“We knocked it on quite a few times, and I think the first half penalty count was skewed against us, so we were really costing ourselves in terms of possession,” said West and Colorado coach Jim Snyder, “I think the penalties cost us in terms of points, too, because nine points came from penalty kicks.”

Slotting those penalties for the Northeast was Yale center Ryan Vandersloot, who was pointed out by Northeast and Buffalo head coach Mike Hodgins for having a good game. Hodgins also commended Harvard flyhalf Gabe Cunningham.

“He manages the game really well,” said Hodgins. “He’s got a really good tactical foot and manages the game really solidly.”

Outside of Vandersloot’s kicks, the Northeast struggled on offense. And once the West stopped stubbing its own collective toe in the first half, the Mustang backline put the game out of reach.

“In the second half we made a couple of adjustments, and I think the nerves kind of wore away and the guys started playing well and we were able to keep the ball in hand,” Snyder said.

Scoring the West’s first try in the second half was Missouri lock Dan Kloeckner, and scoring the last two was Texas State’s Jeff Easthagen. The Northeast’s sole try of the day was dotted down by Columbia openside flanker Derek Lipscomb.

“He really gave us fits,” said Snyder of Lipscomb. “He was picking the ball quite a bit, real tough to tackle. He was a big, strong kid and gave us a lot of grief.”

Both Snyder and Hodgins pointed out the play of the West midfield, where Northern Colorado’s Kyle Hitt shined at inside center and Nebraska’s Erwin Schmidt played well at No. 13.

“They were a pretty good center combination,” said Snyder. “(Hitt) was one of the best players we had in camp. Experienced kid, hard nosed, really brought a lot to the table, just a lot of go forward, and he’s a really good kid with a good head on his shoulders.”

Despite losing, Hodgins seems upbeat about the Northeast’s play.

“We were actually pretty encouraged by the performance,” he said.

“We scrummed really well, our lineout went good, and we actually played good defensively. Those tries came on turnovers, and sometimes that’s a hard thing to stop, so we’re just going to have to continue tomorrow to get a little bit better at how we’re looking after the ball in contact, and we think we’ll be pretty good for Saturday.”

Saturday the Northeast gets another crack at the West, this time against their second side, which fell 91-3 to the Mid-Atlantic Thursday. West 1 will try to avenge the beating of their fellow Mustangs the same day, when they take on the Sharks. 

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Pac Coast Collegiates Named
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The Pacific Coast Men’s Collegiate All-Stars Roster is:



Nick Mostyn (Utah)

Matthew Crawford (St. Mary’s)

Jack Bocigalupi (SFGG)


Andrew Cook (C) (St. Mary’s)

Patrick Farrell (Central Washington)



Scott Metcalf (Utah)

Kelly Harris (St. Mary’s)

Alex Bowman (Cal)


Back Row:

Mike Gamm (Oregon State)

Rob Carlson (St. Mary’s)

Robert Polk (Stanford)

Joe Brophy (St. Mary’s
Mike Villalobos (Chico State)



Kyle Caravelli (Cal)



August Heath (St. Mary’s)

Kevin McCann


AJ Tuineau (Utah)

Gavri Grossman (Western Washington)



Josh Tucker (Cal)

Kingsley McGowan (St. Mary’s)

Garret Brewer (St. Mary’s)

Max Heath (St. Mary’s)


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Preview of Women's College NASCs
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2011 is a transition year for the Women's Collegiate All Star Championship, as the competition adjusts to its new age-grade parameters. Previously named the U23 NASCs, the championship will mandate that only full-time college students within their five years of college eligibility may participate. This year's competition has allowed up to three non-collegiate players on each roster, as the event works out the kinks of eligibility.

MARFU's Cavanaugh looks to repeat last weekend's performance.

The move simply aligns the competition with age paramenters with which the USA is more familiar - college v U23 - and the level of competition shouldn't suffer too much, considering the average graduating senior is 22. Otherwise, it's business as usual.

The Northeast will try to make it three titles in a row, having defeated the Midwest during the last two finals with a combined score of 68-17. Guided by Vassar's Tony Brown, the Nessies sport represetatives from 15 different clubs, with the majority of players coming from DII teams. The NRU is happy to return 2010 NASC MVP Alyssa Baccarella (MIT), who plays a quick, aggressive game from scrumhalf, and who will be complimented nicely by Radcliffe flyhalf Evan Hoese, the DII championship MVP. The halfbacks will have an impressive backline at their disposal, as All American Blaine Martin (Brown), Rachel Sachs (Beantown), Shellonda Anderson (Radcliffe) and Rose Bernheim (Norwich) work in the open field.

The NRU's first match is against the USA U20s, which won Tier B over the Pacific Coat, 22-18, last year. The junior Eagles' roster has yet to be released, but coach Bryn Chivers found some good, new talent during last month's U19 and collegiate championships. Chivers invited wing Whitney White (New Mexico State), prop Monica Jackson (BYU), wing Keelia Harker (BYU) and center Ashley Okonta (Notre Dame) after the club championships, as well as younger players like scrumhalf Joanne Fa'avesi (Sacramento Amazons), prop
Kim La Mons (Fallbrook) and front row Jerilyn Peko (Kent).

In the other Tier 1 semifinal, the West and Midwest will square off. The Thunderbirds' roster was also unavailable, but the team is favored for the win considering history. The West won a NASC title in 2006, and showcases some nice talent in players like Wendy Sherman and Kate Foley from Colorado, and Sam Miller from Mesa State, and Kelley Storey from Texas A&M.

The Mid-Atlantic leads tier 2, having been relegated from tier 1 after losing to the West in the third-place final. The Sharks haven't played in the lower tier since 2005. There are a good amount of Penn State players - Annie Lucas, Lauren Poole, Jackie Cairns, to name a few - as Virginia's Erica Cavanaugh, who shook up the USA Sevens Collegiate Rugby Championship last weekend in Philly. Former junior Eagle Tanya Gouws (Maryland) should be manning the helm at flyhalf, and Megan Lamm (West Chester) will punch up the backline offense as the team takes on the South in round one.

The South has its share of big names, including UNC's Kimber Rozier, who also played some inspired rugby during the CRC, and teammate Carrie Moss. Ryan Carlyle was another one USA 7s Women's coach Ric Suggitt's discoveries last year and played very well during the Hong Kong 7s last March. Clemson's Jessica Loudermilk and Julia Schmidt are very hard workers and scoring threats in the forwards.

The West Coast teams round out the final tier 2 semifinal, with Southern California and Pacific Coast vying for an opportunity to play in tier 1 next year. The Griffins are led by the coaching duo of UCSD's Emily Ogata and UCLA's John Wooler, and their teams' players account for 12 of the 18 players making the trip to Pittsburgh. The Grizzlies are a little better off, bringing 23 players to NASCs, and are led by BYU lock Kayla Ellingson and Hannah Lockwood.

The action begins tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. EST and continues Sunday at 9 a.m.

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MARFU Collegiates Ready
Colleges - All-Stars

The Mid-Atlantic Rugby Football Union is fielding a very strong side for this year’s Men’s Collegiate All Star Championships. The squad only consists of players from five schools, but assistant coach Chris Hoy of Penn State has faith in the team.

“Our forward pack has good size and our backline has more speed than in past years,” Hoy stated.
“We kind of look at a lot of the teams that we play,” he added. “We scheduled a minicamp for a weekend and held open tryouts and from that we developed a group of guys that we’d like to see again. We look around to get an idea of what kind of players are out there.”

A big name in the pack is Daniel Metcalf of Penn State, who played on the U20 team in the Junior World Rugby Trophy in Georgia. He is joined by fellow Nittany Lion Christopher Saint at scrumhalf, who played on the impressive Penn State 7s team at the CRC. Winger Trevor Tunifum of Maryland is one of the few players not representing Penn State or Kutztown and will have a big impact in the back three.

The Mid-Atlantic All Stars are on a mission in Tier 2 of the competition. “I look at this as a chance for guys to play some representative rugby and show that we can play a really good brand of rugby in the east,” Hoy said.

The first step in that mission begins tomorrow at 12 p.m. MDT against the West All Stars 2 at Infinity Park in Glendale, Colo.

Joseph Brady (Kutztown)
Jonathan Hellmann (Penn State)
Jamie Gregory (Kutztown)
Nicholas Karas (Penn State)
Jesse Beyer (Penn State)
Brian Mellody (Penn State)
Daniel Metcalf (Penn State)
Michael Cress (Kutztown)
Michael Erickson (Penn State)
Zack Jessell (Kutztown)
Michael Lawrenson (Kutztown)
Sean Rohrs (Navy)
Daniel Tomai (Delaware)

Andrew Abt (Kutztown)
Christopher Saint (Penn State)
Joseph Baker (Penn State)
Dolan Bruce (Kutztown)
James Kowalski (Delaware)
Gareth Lourens (Kutztown)
Timothy Ackers (Kutztown)
Dominic DeFalco (Penn State)
Trevor Tunifum (Maryland)
Mitch Vannoy (Delaware)
Gregory Voigt (Penn State)


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