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Norwich Breaks NERFU Tie
Colleges - Women's College

Playing in its most difficult league game to date this season, Norwich shutout Rhode Island 34-0 to remain undefeated in NERFU’s women’s DII college. With the win, the Cadets have pushed URI into second place in the standings.

Rose Bernheim led Norwich's win over URI with two tries.

The game took place in unfavorable conditions, with rain, mud and cold winds curtailing Norwich’s wide open game. That said, team captain Katie Hathaway wasted no time crashing through the defense from five meters out for the game’s first try and sixth of the season.

Junior wing Andrea Vogt accounted for the second score, finishing off an impressive drive that returned the ball into URI’s end. Freshman center Vanessa Champagne slid her way through the defense for the third try, and junior Emily Baugus slotted the conversion for the 17-0 lead.

The second half saw sophomore fullback Rose Bernheim take advantage of the URI kicking game. Bernheim scored early on a long run and countered a number of the kick efforts URI provided.

The try of the day came from Bernheim as well. Sophomore center Jackie Derocher made a piercing run through the middle of the defense only to be tackled about 15 meters from goal. Derocher offloaded from the ground to Baugus, who was playing in her first game as a flanker. Baugus nearly touched down on the goal line and Bernheim was there to finish the play. Bernheim now leads the Cadets in overall tries scored with 9 on the season.

Junior wing Adria Pickin raced in for a try late in the game to solidify the victory.

“I was most impressed with our defense in today’s game,” said Norwich coach Austin Hall. “URI had us with our backs against the wall on multiple occasions, but we trusted in ourselves and continued to play on our front foot even when we didn’t have the ball. The mud and rain provided for some sloppy play at times, but we took the opportunity to work on our scrums against the strong URI pack and we gained something in that department.”

Norwich is 3-0 in New England and 8-0 overall. The Cadets will take on the US Coast Guard Academy on Saturday

Norwich 34
Tries: Bernheim 2, Champagne, Hathaway, Pickin, Vogt
Conversions: Baugus 2

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Quinnipiac Winning in First DII Season
Colleges - Women's College

In its first season ever, the Quinnipiac women’s team is now 2-1 in Met NY’s DII. Their second win of the season evolved on Sunday, when the Bobcats defeated Marist 23-7.

Quinnipiac (blue) runs through Marist for second Met NY win. (O'Brien photo)

The season couldn’t have begun with a more difficult match, when the newcomers faced union powerhouse Rutgers 51-0. It might have been easy to write the team off then, but the Connecticut team played admirably against Eastern Illinois, a fellow yet long established NCAA team. The lessons on the road paid dividends back home, and the program celebrated its first-ever win against New Paltz, 15-5.

With renewed vigor, the Bobcats controlled this Sunday’s game and scored its most points to date. Senior Stephanie Hasher ran in two tries, while sophomores Jacqueline Lilly and Allison Gnys added a five-pointer apiece. Three of the four tries came off an assist from speedy freshman Elisa Cuellar.

Junior Krystin Orrico made the best of her opportunities, as she knocked in her first penalty kick of the game to give her three points on the afternoon. Time after time, Orrico gave Quinnipiac great field position with several tremendous kicks from the back line, helping Quinnipiac hold its opponent to just one try for the second consecutive game, which came at 56-minute mark.

Defensively, the Bobcats were just as tenacious, and were led by senior Jacqueline MacLearie with six tackles, followed by junior Colleen Doherty’s with four tackles.

Quinnipiac will attempt to keep its winning streak going against Vassar this Sunday.

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RWC: The Business End
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AW Scott discusses the end of pool play at the World Cup, and what's to come.

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Grand Valley Dominates Michigan's DII
Colleges - Women's College

As expected Grand Valley State women are dominating Michigan’s DII college scene. The Panthers moved dropped down to DII this year to align with the university, and they returned to a league that’s rebuilding toward its former competitiveness. Grand Valley beat Western Michigan 59-7 on Sunday.

Grand Valley (blue) forwards are leading the team's success.

“When we started in Michigan’s DII, we were really bad when we started,” Grand Valley coach Bob Richthammer said. “As we got better, so did the other teams, and we were eventually mandated up to DI through the Midwest’s initiatives. The DII teams fell of the path, but now they have some new coaches, are getting better, but they’re still really young.”

Grand Valley is young, too, and the average age of players is 19 Rookies comprise half the roster.

“I’ve never had a batch of rookies do so well early in the season,” Richthammer said. “Eastern Illinois picked us apart. They found our rookie and kept attacking them. After we watched the film, we made some adjustments at practice, and the rookies have been doing everything we’ve coached them to do – and executing for 80 minutes! That’s unheard of for freshmen. We’ve had good rookies before, some that have played in high school, but they’re playing with such continuity and understanding this different level of play. They’re like sponges.”

Colleen Unsworth is just one example of the rookies’ prowess. She played her first full game at wing this Sunday, filling in for an injury. She immediately embraced Grand Valley’s playing style of keeping the ball moving and passing through contact. The former soccer and track star scored three tries supporting the forwards on weak-side attacks, receiving a pop from the ground and motoring down the sidelines.

The veterans picked up their game as well. In the offseason, many players subscribed to the P90X workouts and showed up to pre-season slimmer and more elusive. Richthammer had been concerned that his team would lose that aspect of their game, when the Lakers graduated stars like repeat All American and No. 8 Joanna Kitlinski, but he’s fears have been quelled.

Starting hooker Samantha Carbajal has been phenomenal this year. She’d always been known as excellent hooker, lineout thrower and rucker, but she wasn’t known as a runner.

“She dropped 15 lbs over the summer and has been playing lights-out this season,” Richthammer commended. “She’s been breaking away for 20-, 30-, 40-meter runs through traffic. She’s fun to watch; she runs downhill. After losing people like Joanna, it’s been great to have people step up. We knew we’d be OK on defense, but we didn’t know that we have these forward runners.”

The forwards are the more experienced group compared to the backs, which graduated starting wings, are missing both flyhalves, and have been missing their fullback due to injury.

“My forwards are big, mobile and fast,” Richthammer explained. “Several tight five players could play in the back line with their speed, but they the size for forwards. They’re the more experienced of the two groups [backs and forwards], and they set up the backline nicely. They do a good job of getting opposing teams’ backs into tackles and open it up for the backline.”

The forwards are so deep that they sent one of their front rows to fill flyhalf, former prop Brittney Bayne.

“She was a transfer student who played basketball and softball,” Richthammer said. “She has a really good mind for the sport. She does a good job distributing and supporting. We lose a little bit in the kicking game, but she has good team management skills.”

Helping Bayne with the transition is scrumhalf Emma Pesci. “She amazes me,” Richthammer confessed. “Every game, she just keeps improving. Her pass – we can put the flyhalf 25 meters out, and they’re getting there with nice rocket passes, which really opens up the field. Her open-field running has improved this year, too. She’s not fast but has become very elusive. She’s able to penetrate the defense then offload to forwards in support.”

Richthammer expects that Bowling Green will be the team’s biggest competition this season, and Central Michigan this weekend won’t be easy either. The latter knows the Lakers’ playbook and playmakers fairly well, so Richthammer will have to make some changes and support the freshmen who will be targeted on attack.

Grand Valley is the favorite to win the league, and Richthammer knows they can do well in the postseason.

“Every week is a playoff game when you have a young team,” Richthammer said, “but the upperclassmen really want to go to nationals. We’ve come so close the last few years in DI, losing in double overtime once, and last year losing on a 35-meter penalty in injury time. Veterans are excited but they’re not talking up nationals. They’re taking each opponent as they come, and they’re doing a good job of focusing on Central Michigan right now. As we get closer to nationals, that’ll be harder to control.”

Grand Valley has three more league games before state playoffs is a reality. Until then, they’ll continue to be Michigan’s strongest team.

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Ruggamatrix CoachTalk: Simon Hardy Talks Scrum
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Bruce McLane speaks to scrummaging expert Simon Hardy about how he puts together and trains the scrum.

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