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Argentina Comes Back to Make Final
International - Olympics

Argentina survived a bit of a scare to book their place in the final of the Pan-Am Games Rugby 7s competition in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The highly-touted Puma 7 were under a huge amount of pressure by Uruguay, and lucked out when they managed to foil a quick tap attempt without retreating ten. That led to an Argentina attack that just didn't quite take. The final pass went behind its intended receiver and Uruguay's Federic Favaro scooped it up and trundled 80 meters to score. That gave Los Teros a 5-0 lead going into halftime.

But Argentina did not panic, and calmly player their game in the second half, scoring through Federico Jose Merello, Javier Oretega Desio, and finally Nicolas Bruzzone. 

In the end it was a solid performance, and Argentina plays Canada for Gold, while Uruguay hopes to take their game-strangling tactics to wrest the Bronze from the USA.

Argentina 17
Tries: Merello, Ortega Desio, Bruzzone
Convs: Gutierrez

Uruguay 5
Tries: Favaro

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Last Score Puts Canada in Final
Sevens - USA Sevens Men

Canada scored on the final play of the game to win the Pan-Am Games Rugby 7s semifinal in Guadalajara, Mexico, denying an improving USA from a shot at the gold medal.

The USA played a very good game, but were plagued by poorly-times turnovers that scuttled what could have been an impressive victory.

USA Head Coach Al Caravelli started Zack Test and Roland Suniula for the first time (Test started the first game on Saturday, but didn’t play after that), hoping to throw off the Canadians by giving them a different look.

The decision seemed to pay off as Test was effective in the restarts and lineouts, and Suniula was instrumental.

Canada secured the first possession but the USA defense was very strong. Mark Bokhoven and Blaine Scully held up the ball and got a scrum, and from there the USA got a penalty, which Niua kicked 45 meters to the corner.

Now deep in Canadian territory, the Eagles pressured and finally put Maka Unufe through for the try. Folau Niua, whose kicking had been very solid, missed a makeable kick and the score remained 5-0.

The USA looked to add to that advantage, but were penalized, giving Canada a good attacking opportunity, which they cashed in through Ciaran Hearn. Canada led 7-5.

Right off the restart Blaine Scully was taken out in the air by John Moonlight. Moonlight made no attempt to go for the ball and simply took Scully down. He was penalized, but deserved a yellow card. The USA tried to use the penalty, and were right on the doorstep, but couldn’t push in the score to end the half. Halftime came Canada up 7-5.

Soon it was 14-5. The Eagles got the ball but a loose pass was taken by Nanyak Dala, and the movement he started was finished by Phil  Mack, and Nathan Hirayama then calmly slotted the conversion to give Canada a two-score lead. A USA player was taken out when the pass from Bokhoven was made, but no call.

But there was still time. Connor Trainor was penalized for taking out Zack Test, and the Ealges kicked for touch again. They put the ball through the backs, but Unufe didn’t see a free run to the line, pulled up and did well to retain possession. The ball spun back to the forwards out wide, where Blaine Scully burst through to score. 14-12 Canada led with three minutes to go.

Test won the restart and Canada was penalized. Quickly the Americans used the ball and Shalom Suniula put a brilliant flat ball to his brother Roland, who danced his way under the posts. Ninety seconds to go, and the Eagles led 19-14.

But it wasn’t enough. A turnover gave Canada one last shot, and while the USA seemed to have numbers on the wing, they were outfoxed a little and Canada scored through Sean Duke. With time up, Hirayama hit the conversion to win the game.

“We didn’t shut them down,” said Caravelli. “We were in a position to stop them and we didn’t. Our defense got a lot better. It was what we worked on last night. When they scored tries it was turnovers from the handling part. In that last play we had them lined up and we didn’t close the gate.”


Canada 21
Tries: Hearn, Mack, Duke
Convs: Hirayama 3

USA 19
Tries: Unufe, Scully, R. Suniula
Convs: Niua 2

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MARFU League Bunches Up
Clubs - Men's DI Clubs

A surprise loss by the Norfolk Blues 5-0 to the Maryland Exiles opened the door for a couple of clubs.

PAC, 44-31 winners over Raleigh, remained undefeated and moved officially into 1st place (Norfolk was 1st due to having played more games). And the Pittsburgh Harlequins just won't go away. They shut out Baltimore-Chesapeake 36-0, and haven't given up a try in over 160 minutes of rugby. Pittsburgh and Norfolk are now deadlocked for second, and, thankfully, play each other next week in a match that will likely decide who, aside from PAC, gets to host a CR4 playoff game.

Latest scores and standings:

Media 59-0 Washington
Pittsburgh 36-0 Balt-Ches.
Maryland Exiles 5-0 Norfolk
PAC 44-31 Raleigh

MARFU Men DI Clubs W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
PAC 6 0 0 191 51 140 4 0 28
Norfolk 5 2 0 230 100 130 4 1 25
Pittsburgh 5 2 0 166 76 90 3 2 25
Media 3 4 0 188 146 42 3 2 17
NOVA 3 3 0 80 140 -60 1 1 14
Maryland 3 2 0 64 58 6 0 1 13
Schuylkill River 2 3 0 109 152 -43 3 1 12
Balt-Chesapeake 2 3 0 135 203 -68 3 0 11
Raleigh 1 5 0 188 243 -55 3 0 7
Washington 0 6 0 66 248 -182 1 1 2

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Snowstorm Plays Havoc with Schedule
Off The Field - RUGBYMag Reader News

The snowstorm that slammed into the Northeast this weekend, killing some people and leaving thousands without power, played havoc with the American rugby schedule also.

Several games were called off, but other playoff games had to be played, and that led to some difficult matches for all.

Boston beat Boston Irish Wolfhounds 3-0 in a match that probably shouldn't have been played given the conditions.

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Harlequins Win in Denver
Clubs - Men's DII Clubs

Denver Harlequins rebounded from last week’s league loss to defeat Denver Queen City 34-6 Saturday at Cook Park. Consistently patient forward maulwork aided and abetted by rigorous backline play enable the hosts to render the bonus-point victory over their game cross-town rivals.

With the remnants of last week’s early snow making things slow going initially and the slick pill wobbling and bounding where it would, the early stages of the match were punctuated by set pieces resulting from handling errors aplenty. It was not until the 16th minute that Dave Jaeger, normally fullback but playing flyhalf this week in lieu of absent Werner Viviens, split the sticks from the fifteen meter hash 25 meters out, and it was 3-0l home side.

Queen City got up when flyhalf Charlie Haupt slotted a dead centered penalty from the 22 and things were leveled at 24 as the boys got down to business.

Harlequins took the lead when No. 8 Joe Vitapa ground out tough yardage before offloading to Jaeger for the final ten meter scoot into goal and with his own conversion, it was 10-3 to the hosts 30 minutes in.

Quins tried again just before the half as standoff Shane Milek found space then dipped and juked through traffic until feeding streaking center Steve Zaugg who crossed for the try. Jaeger’s conversion made it 17-3 and the sides switched ends.

Queen City had moments during the first forty where their maul progress continuity looked spot-on and the three-quarter line performed well, but tight and effective Harlequin defense in the vicinity of their own goal denied the travelers points.

The visitors got on the front foot after the restart, but Quins were able to contain and turn ball over inside their own 22, and their willingness to run from that position caused excitement on the sidelines as the home team exploded out of their half a number of times and Queen City were desperate in defense.

After bringing action into QC territory, the Harlequins forwards mauled patiently, setting up slight slippage gains until fetcher Derek Mansanerez sped weakside from the loose and into goal for the grounding to increase the host’s lead to 22-3 at 46 minutes.

A huge sweeping movement back and forth across the field begun from their own 22 had the Quins bonus try as Mansanerez touched down for his brace, and with Jaeger’s conversion, the numbers were 29-3 at 54.

Queen City’s Haupt bagged his second penalty goal in the 58th minute making the score 29-6, but it was ever-present hooker Chris “Stumpy” Bailey who had the last score shout of the day, finishing a fine forward rush into goal with the dot. And this one was recorded as 34-6, Denver Harlequins.


Harlequins 29
Tries: Jaeger, Zaugg, Mansanerez (2), Bailey
Convs: Jaeger (3)
Pens: Jaeger

Queen City 6
Pens: Haupt (2)

Referee: L. Ramey


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