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Video: Stern Math & Science Rugby
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Stern Math & Science school of East LA captain Marlon Orta talks about taking on some high-powered opposition and learning the game.

Stern lost all three matches Thursday, to British Columbia, Bermuda, and the Notre Dame Hounds from Canada. But they never gave up, they kapt working their system, and earned much respect.

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2012 LVI Boys HS Pool Rankings
Tournaments - LVI

Las Vegas Invitationals Boys HS 7s Pool Standings

Pool A
1. NW Loggers
2. Fullerton
3. Littleton
4. GP Vanier

Pool B
1. BC3
2. Notre Dame
3. Bermuda
4. Stern Math & Science School

Pool C
1. Bellarmine
2. Celtic
3/4. Alpha Wolf Squadron, Orem

Pool D
1. Lowland
2. AZ Bobcats
3/4 FCDC, Raptor Academy

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Video: Bellarmine Prep Rugby in Vegas
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Bellarmine Prep player Jimmy DiBona talks about the LVI.

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Men's Elite Full of Thrillers
Tournaments - LVI

The Men’s Elite tournament has not disappointed, as Spain has earned its No. 1 overall seed, American sides like the Denver Barbarians and Tiger Rugby (Belmont Shore) have been very competitive, and barbarian teams like the Force XV Froggies and Social Vibe Pups have played like the mercenaries they were billed to be.

Spain has not only reached 2-0, they’ve done so with ease, dismantling a very good Chicago Lions side and Peru. The only team left in their way in pool play is Bermuda, who lost handily already to both Chicago and Peru. Look for Spain to emerge as the Pool A champs. Second place will be decided at 9:40am when the Lions battle Peru.

The most tightly contested pool has been B. The Alaska Golden Bears are the only winless team, but their two losses haven’t been major blowouts. The Phillipines Pacific, with the help of Utah Warrior and former Utah All American Matt Byrd, started the day out well with a 31-5 defeat of Alaska, but fell short against Tiger Rugby.

The Belmont Shore-based team, which features former and recent Eagles Riaan Hamilton, Ata and Nese Malifa, Peter Sio, Peter Dahl, Duncan Kelm and Justin Boyd, opened with a 14-14 tie against Chile. Some of those on Tiger Rugby are smarting from not being selected for this stretch of the IRB 7s World Series. One of those players, Kelm, won’t get the chance to prove he should have been chosen, as he suffered what is likely a tournament-ending ankle injury.

The Alaska Golden Bears are already destined for the Bowl rounds, but any of the other three teams in Pool B could reach the Cup Quarters. Given their easier draw on day two, it’s likely Tiger Rugby will advance. If Chile and Tiger win, the pool will come down to point differential.

Pool D has also been a close race. The Denver Barbarians haven’t yet scored a victory, but are minus just one in the point differential category. The Barbos tied Romania with a clutch conversion from the touchline by Maximo DeAchaval, and fell 22-21 to Dog River in a controversial close to day one.

Dog River led four-tries-to-one midway through the second half, but two quick scores, along with two DeAchaval conversions, pulled the Barbos to 21 points. Due to a tardy sub off from Denver, the Barbos were allowed to score one of their tries with what seemed to be eight men on the field. After deliberation from the ref and a touch judge, the Barbo try held up. Then a late dive into the try zone by Denver’s Ben Haapapuro was deemed held up.

The Canadian Howlers missed three of their four conversion attempts, and the ref did not blow his whistle to signal the one they’d made, leaving Denver to believe they were leading 21-20, when they were actually trailing 22-21. Had Haapapuro’s try been counted (the touch judge was again consulted, but couldn’t confirm the ball was grounded) Denver would have won and been in great position to advance to the Cup Quarters.

However, Dog River ended 22-21 winners. The Howlers take on Romania Friday, and the Barbos take on the winless Columbus Rugby Club (1823), which nearly played well enough to beat Dog River. The Barbos need to beat 1823, have Romania lose to Dog River and get the point differential to fall their way in order to move on.

Pool C has not been close, as the two foreign barbarian teams knocked off Mexico and Guyana. English Social Vibe Pups and French Force XV Froggies meet at 9am Friday to decide the pool, though both will advance to the Cup Quarters. Jason Pye and Ben Nicholls of the Utah Warriors are playing with the Pups.

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Belles Lead Women's Elite 7s
Sevens - Club Sevens

2011 marked the first year that the Las Vegas Invitational hosted a Women’s Elite 7s division, and day one proved that it was a successful addition. The field boasts a healthy mix of overseas teams like Chile, Adler 7s from Germany, and Canadian Dog River Howlers and international select side Beavers – all of whom played well today.

The Boston Belles (white) are the team to beat. (Dave Barpal photo)

But the most impressive team of the day was the Boston Belles. The New England-based team advanced to the Club 7s Championship final against Berkeley last year, and incidentally, three All Blues from that championship squad played with the Belles today. Coach Brandon Spark was the common link between the two squads, having help found the Belles a couple of years ago and acting as assistant coach to Berkeley last summer. It was an interesting day for the guest coach considering his loyalties weren’t divided, like they might have been during the club title match in August.

But Sparks didn’t face the typical growing pains that a select side typically experiences and team chemistry wasn't an issue. The Belles defeated two physical sides in Dog River Howlers and Kalihi Raiders from Hawaii by a combined 50-10, and finished the day with a 26-7 win over DII club champs Raleigh Venom.

“They make me look good,” Sparks joked. “I got off the plane at 8 a.m., show up at the fields and these kids are just running all over the place. Their fitness level really impressed me; they’ve been putting in the work in the off season. And they’re all so smart; they’re all students of the game and adjust well.”

Although the Belles are tenacious across the board, they had their hands full with Kalihi.

“Kalihi was big and physical, and we anticipated them being bullies, and that’s what they tried to do,” Sparks said. “We played a soft defense and covered their kicks. But this physicality is all something they’ve seen before.”

Jess Peterson stood out on the day, and Sparks is certain she’ll get a look from the USA setup. Lindsay Migliore, who was the one player with whom Sparks wasn’t familiar, also played well, logging a pretty individual try stiff-arming her way past much larger Kalihi defenders.

This is the first off-season 7s tour in which the Belles have played, and it came to fruition due in part to a player pool that has doubled in size. Along with some organizational savvy from founder Kelly Seary, the team has been able to work toward its goal of playing good, competitive 7s while still keeping that element of fun.

The Beavers are also 3-0 but they had a slightly easier pool to contend with. They defeated a feisty Chilean side 12-7 that was well drilled but lacked physical stature and put-it-away speed outside. The Beavers are an interesting team, boasting six players from Canada, four from Europe and five from the USA, including San Diego Surfer Val Griffeth. They also defeated EPA Razorbacks 41-0 and Provo 12-0. Now with a day’s worth of competition under their belts, the Beavers should continue to improve through the playoffs tomorrow.

The Adler 7s and Guelph also put in solid performances and ended the day with two wins apiece, so they could easily challenge for a final berth tomorrow.

But we expect to see the Belles and the Beavers last the longest tomorrow, with the edge going to the Belles. Regardless, this inaugural competition will pack as much punch as it did through pool play.

Pool Play Women's Elite 7s
Guelph 21-19 Adler
Might Rucks 30-0 Penn State
Chile 14-0 Provo
Beavers 41-0 EPA Razorbacks
Dog River 5-25 Boston Belles
Kalihi Raiders 7-7 Raleigh Venom
Adler 26-0 Penn State
Mighty Rucks 14-14 Guelph
Chile 7-12 Beavers
EPA Razorbacks 5-22 Provo
Dog River 15-5 Raleigh Venom
Kalihi Raiders 5-25 Boston Belles
Adler 7s 24-5 The Mighty Rucks
Guelph 28-0 Penn State
Chile 31-0 EPA Razorbacks
Provo 0-12 Beavers
Dog River 17-0 Kalihi Raiders
Boston Belles 26-7 Raleigh Venom


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