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Glendale and OPSB Meet in Seattle
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Defending national DI club champions the Glendale Raptors drop in on the Pacific Northwest for the first of a challenging series of preseason matches before resuming their league play.

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Women's DI College Standings
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Below are the standings for active DI women's colleges across the country.

Texas Tech & A&M must now battle for a DII berth to nationals.

No surprise that Stanford is leading the Pacific Mountain North Conference, although California gave the Cardinal a good second half in last weekend's 32-10 win.

"We played very well in patches, but still struggle with consistency in retaining the ball through phases," Stanford coach Matt Sherman said. "When we were able to take Cal through phases, we looked good in attack.

"When Cal was able to get quick ball, we struggled in our midfield defense to stop their backs," Sherman continued. "We need to be more cohesive defensively when under pressure."

Stanford is now 3-0 and has UC Davis and Chico State during the final two weeks of play.

UCLA leads the Pacific Mountain South Conference, while the rest of the teams sit at 1-2. UC San Diego started their season with losses to UC Santa Barbara and Arizona State, and doesn't have the cohesion the squad boasted at last year's nationals. UCSD rebounded with a 31-10 win on the road against ASU last weekend, but their season hinges on how they perform against UCLA this Saturday.

In the South, North Carolina and Central Florida lead their respective conferences, although both squads played very close matches last weekend. UNC improved to 4-0 but not after a tightly contested 36-24 win over North Carolina State. UCF is also undefeated at 4-0, but Florida gave the reigning conference champs a run with a 20-12 decision.

The Wren conference has been marred by some cancellations and forfeits, but the game of season thus far occurred between league leaders Clemson and Georgia. The two played to a 17-all tie, typical of these two southern rivals. Georgia get the early nod for favorite to win the conference, seeing as Clemson forfeited their match to Tennessee last weekend.

And then there's good ole Texas, probably one of the most exciting regions of play considering the expectations heading into the season. The three teams began their Cup Match series in the fall and picked up against last weekend. University of Texas, the DII team, is currently 3-0 and answered questions of whether a winter's worth of training would even the fields after defeating Texas Tech 54-12. A&M and Tech will now battle for the second seed and berth to the DII playoffs.

Pacific Mountain North Conference

Stanford 3 0 0 109 30 79 3 15
UC Davis 2 1 0 48 62 -14 0 8
California 1 1 0 41 42 -1 1 5
Oregon State 1 2 0 36 58 -22 1 5
Chico State 0 1 0 17 21 -4 1 1
U of Oregon 0 2 0 17 55 -38 1 1

Pacific Mountain South Conference

UCLA 3 0 0 91 20 71 2 14
UC San Diego 1 2 0 58 56 2 3 7
Arizona State 1 2 0 54 90 -36 1 5
UC Santa Barbara 1 2 0 22 59 -37 0 4

South - Cardinal Conference

North Carolina 4 0 0 176 34 142 4 20
East Carolina 3 2 0 150 127 23 3 15
North Carolina St 2 2 0 165 77 88 4 12
South Carolina 0 5 0 22 275 -253 0 0

South - Sunshine Conference

Central Florida 4 0 0 150 12 138 4 20
Florida 2 2 0 99 62 37 2 10
Florida State 2 2 0 64 59 5 2 10
South Florida 0 4 0 0 200 -200 0 0

South - Wren Conference



1 0
1 41 31
1 7
Clemson 1 1
1 46 47
1 7
Tennessee 1 0 0 20 0 20 1 5
Georgia Southern 0 2 0 10 49 -39 0 0
Georgia Tech 0 1 0 14 24 -10 0 0


Texas 3 0 0 107 27 80 3 15
Texas Tech 1 2 0 46 100 -54 1
Texas A&M 0 2 0 25 51 -26 0 0

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Atlantic Coast Kicks Off Saturday
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The Atlantic Coast Rugby League embarks on its second season Saturday, when North Carolina hosts Wake Forest, Georgia Tech travels to Clemson and NC State welcomes Virginia Tech.

Unlike last season, there is no ACRL championship game in 2012. The league champion will be determined by the league table, making every week crucial.

“With the limited amount of games, if you lose one, you’re probably done,” said Maryland coach Jeff Soeken (In 2011, Maryland lost to North Carolina in the regular season, but avenged that loss in the ACRL title game to claim the conference’s bid to the Sweet 16.)

“There’s only eight teams in the league now, so there’s no way to make that up, like we were fortunate enough to do that last year.”

Maryland was picked in the preseason coaches poll to repeat as conference champs in 2012. The Terps have lost some starters in the pack, most notably No. 8 Richard Hwang, and a four-man platoon of props.

“There wasn’t any one person that was irreplaceable, but we had a few that worked in a rotation,” said Soeken. “Ends up, I’ve got probably four hookers that are all capable, but some of them are going to have to play prop.”

Outside of the front row and No. 8, Maryland returns virtually everyone, including senior fullback Trevor Tanifum and ACRL co-player of the year Matias Cima. The Terps enjoyed an influx of experienced, talented freshman in 2010, and they’re now sophomores. Cima, the headliner of that class, is one of the best flyhalves in the country, regardless of division.

Coaches Poll
1. Maryland
2. Virginia Tech
3. North Carolina
4. Clemson
5. Virginia
6. NC State
7. Wake Forest
8. Georgia Tech

UNC, conversely, has experienced a lot of turnover since reaching the ACRL title game with a senior-laden bunch in 2011. Alex Lee, the other ACRL co-player of the year, is one of nine graduated Tar Heels coach Pete Earsman has to replace.

“With the lack of depth we currently have, and the loss of so many vital members of the club, winning the ACRL will be a very difficult if not an impossible task,” said Earsman. “To remain competitive in all the conference games we play is our No. 1 goal. Gaining experience and maintaining the players we have now for the future is right up there, as well.”

Despite the turnover, the Tar Heels were picked to finish third by the coaches.

Also figuring to be competitive for a title this season are Virginia Tech, Clemson and Virginia, who finished fifth, fourth and third, respectively, last season, but were picked to finish second, fourth and fifth, respectively, in 2012.

The Hokies downed UNC-Wilmington and VMI (both have been ranked in DII) and Clemson, among others, in the preseason. The only Virginia Tech loss came against fourth-ranked Tennessee.

Clemson is undefeated in spring play with wins over Kennesaw State of the South Independent Rugby Conference and 10th-ranked Bowling Green.The Tigers' defeat of Bowling Green came after the coaches poll was taken.

Hoping to make a climb in the ACRL hierarchy is Wake Forest. The Demon Deacons finished seventh in 2011.

“I think we will be a much improved team from what we were last year. The only problem is I think everyone else in the league is much improved as well,” said Wake Forest coach Pat Kane.

“Top to bottom, the league as a whole, from what I’ve seen, what I’ve heard, every team has gotten better. I’m excited about what our guys can do. I think we can play with anyone in the league and compete with anyone in the league on any given day.”

All ACRL fullback in 2011, Johnny McMurray has moved to flyhalf for this spring. He, along with prop Matt Storck, who returns after taking 2011 off, need to play well for Wake to finish in the upper half of the league.

“I think he is going to be a tremendous asset,” said Kane of McMurray. “He’s really taken a hold of our offense and is running the show really well with the No. 10 jersey.”

“He is just an absolute monster in the scrum, in the loose and in the open field,” said Kane of Storck. “Having him has really solidified our forwards.”

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Super Rugby Back on DIRECTV
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Super Rugby returns to American television early Friday morning on DIRECTV channel 490. Below is the broadcast schedule for the entire season.

Blues vs Crusaders 24-Feb 1:35am EST
Brumbies vs Force 24-Feb 3:40am EST
Bulls vs Sharks 24-Feb 12:10pm EST
Chiefs vs Highlanders 25-Feb 1:35am EST
Waratahs vs Reds 25-Feb 3:40am EST
Stormers vs Hurricanes 25-Feb 10:05am EST
Lions vs Cheetahs 25-Feb 12:10pm EST
Chiefs vs Blues 2-Mar 1:35am EST
Rebels vs Waratahs 2-Mar 3:40am EST
Lions vs Hurricanes 2-Mar 12:10pm EST
Highlanders vs Crusaders 3-Mar 1:35am EST
Reds vs Force 3-Mar 3:40am EST
Cheetahs vs Bulls 3-Mar 10:05am EST
Stormers vs Sharks 3-Mar 12:10pm EST
Crusaders vs Chiefs 9-Mar 1:35am EST
Force vs Hurricanes 9-Mar 6:05am EST
Brumbies vs Cheetahs 9-Mar 11:35pm EST
Highlanders vs Waratahs 10-Mar 1:35am EST
Reds vs Rebels 10-Mar 3:10am EST
Sharks vs Lions 10-Mar 12:05pm EST
Bulls vs Blues 10-Mar 12:10pm EST
Chiefs vs Brumbies 16-Mar 1:35am EST
Stormers vs Blues 16-Mar 12:10pm EST
Hurricanes vs Highlanders 17-Mar 1:35am EST
Waratahs vs Force 17-Mar 3:40am EST
Sharks vs Reds 17-Mar 10:05am EST
Rebels vs Cheetahs 18-Mar 12:10am EST
Blues vs Hurricanes 23-Mar 1:35am EST
Rebels vs Force 23-Mar 3:40am EST
Waratahs vs Sharks 23-Mar 11:35pm EST
Crusaders vs Cheetahs 24-Mar 1:35am EST
Brumbies vs Highlanders 24-Mar 3:40am EST
Bulls vs Reds 24-Mar 12:05pm EST
Lions vs Stormers 24-Mar 12:10pm EST
Highlanders vs Rebels 30-Mar 2:35am EST
Hurricanes vs Cheetahs 31-Mar 12:30am EST
Chiefs vs Waratahs 31-Mar 2:35am EST
Brumbies vs Sharks 31-Mar 4:40am EST
Force vs Reds 31-Mar 6:40am EST
Lions vs Crusaders 31-Mar 11:05am EST
Stormers vs Bulls 31-Mar 1:10pm EST
Rebels vs Blues 5-Apr 2:35am EST
Hurricanes vs Sharks 6-Apr 3:35am EST
Reds vs Brumbies 6-Apr 5:40am EST
Force vs Chiefs 6-Apr 7:40am EST
Highlanders vs Stormers 7-Apr 3:35am EST
Cheetahs vs Lions 7-Apr 9:00am EST
Bulls vs Crusaders 7-Apr 11:05am EST
Blues vs Sharks 13-Apr 3:35am EST
Force vs Waratahs 13-Apr 7:10am EST
Crusaders vs Stormers 14-Apr 3:35am EST
Brumbies vs Rebels 14-Apr 5:40am EST
Cheetahs vs Chiefs 14-Apr 11:05am EST
Lions vs Bulls 14-Apr 1:10pm EST
Highlanders vs Blues 20-Apr 3:35am EST
Reds vs Stormers 20-Apr 5:40am EST
Hurricanes vs Crusaders 21-Apr 3:35am EST
Waratahs vs Rebels 21-Apr 5:40am EST
Sharks vs Chiefs 21-Apr 11:05am EST
Bulls vs Brumbies 21-Apr 1:10pm EST
Blues vs Reds 27-Apr 3:35am EST
Lions vs Brumbies 27-Apr 1:10pm EST
Chiefs vs Hurricanes 28-Apr 3:35am EST
Force vs Stormers 28-Apr 5:40am EST
Cheetahs vs Highlanders 28-Apr 11:05am EST
Waratahs vs Crusaders 29-Apr 1:10am EST
Hurricanes vs Blues 4-May 3:35am EST
Rebels vs Blues 4-May 5:40am EST
Chiefs vs Lions 5-May 3:35am EST
Brumbies vs Waratahs 5-May 5:40am EST
Sharks vs Highlanders 5-May 11:05am EST
Cheetahs vs Force 5-May 1:10pm EST
Crusaders vs Reds 5-May 11:00pm EST
Blues vs Lions 11-May 3:35am EST
Waratahs vs Bulls 11-May 5:40am EST
Highlanders vs Hurricanes 12-May 3:35am EST
Rebels vs Crusaders 12-May 5:40am EST
Sharks vs Force 12-May 11:05am EST
Stormers vs Cheetahs 12-May 1:10pm EST
Reds vs Chiefs 13-May 1:10am EST
Hurricanes vs Brumbies 18-May 3:35am EST
Highlanders vs Bulls 19-May 1:30am EST
Crusaders vs Blues 19-May 3:35am EST
Reds vs Lions 19-May 5:40am EST
Cheetahs vs Sharks 19-May 11:05am EST
Stormers vs Waratahs 19-May 1:10pm EST
Force vs Rebels 20-May 2:35am EST
Chiefs vs Bulls 25-May 3:35am EST
Hurricanes vs Rebels 26-May 1:30am EST
Blues vs Highlanders 26-May 3:35am EST
Brumbies vs Reds 26-May 5:40am EST
Force vs Lions 26-May 7:40am EST
Cheetahs vs Waratahs 26-May 11:05am EST
Sharks vs Stormers 26-May 1:10pm EST
Crusaders vs Highlanders 1-Jun 3:35am EST
Rebels vs Brumbies 1-Jun 5:40am EST
Blues vs Chiefs 2-Jun 3:35am EST
Waratahs vs Hurricanes 2-Jun 5:40am EST
Lions vs Sharks 2-Jun 11:05am EST
Bulls vs Stormers 2-Jun 1:10pm EST
Highlanders vs Chiefs 29-Jun 3:35am EST
Rebels vs Reds 29-Jun 5:40am EST
Crusaders vs Hurricanes 30-Jun 3:35am EST
Force vs Brumbies 30-Jun 5:40am EST
Stormers vs Lions 30-Jun 11:05am EST
Bulls vs Cheetahs 30-Jun 1:10pm EST
Chiefs vs Crusaders 6-Jul 3:35am EST
Reds vs Highlanders 6-Jul 5:40am EST
Sharks vs Bulls 6-Jul 1:10pm EST
Blues vs Force 7-Jul 3:35am EST
Waratahs vs Brumbies 7-Jul 5:40am EST
Cheetahs vs Stormers 7-Jul 9:00am EST
Lions vs Rebels 7-Jul 11:05am EST
Hurricanes vs Chiefs 13-Jul 3:35am EST
Brumbies vs Blues 14-Jul 1:30am EST
Crusaders vs Force 14-Jul 3:35am EST
Reds vs Waratahs 14-Jul 5:40am EST
Stormers vs Rebels 14-Jul 9:00am EST
Sharks vs Cheetahs 14-Jul 11:05am EST
Bulls vs Lions 14-Jul 1:10pm EST

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Ebner Tweets Interest in 7s Contract
Sevens - USA Sevens Men

In a Wednesday Twitter conversation with Middlesex Rugby, age-grade Eagle and gridiron Buckeye at Ohio State Nate Ebner indicated he was going to try for an NFL contract, but is enticed by the prospect of a being a pro 7s player.

"Going the NFL route first n see where it takes me. But it's def hard to resist trying to be apart of an olympic rugby team and representing the country!" Ebner tweeted. "Dunno how long I'll be able to stay away from #USArugby."

More than 300 of the top pro prospects were invited to the NFL combine, held Sunday through Saturday in Indianapolis, to compete to become one of 254 draft selections April 26-28.

Ebner, a special teams specialist at Ohio State, was not invited to the combine. However, it's entirely likely he'll work out for scouts at Ohio State's pro day March 9.  Another rugby player-turned-gridiron star is Stanford defensive back Johnson Bademosi. He, too, did not receive an invite to the NFL combine. The Cardinal's pro day is scheduled for March 22.

If Ebner and Bademosi aren't selected, they could be signed as undrafted free agents directly after the draft. Teams often sign upwards 25 undrafted rookies.
NFL teams are allowed to carry 95 players into training camp (which can begin up to 15 days prior to each team's first preseason game) and must pare down to a 53-man roster before the regular season. They're then allowed to carry an eight-man practice squad. So Ebner and Bademosi's quests for NFL contracts could extend through August.

Then again, they could stall much sooner without good performances in pro days or an offer about a week following the draft.

It's not impossible Ebner will join the pre-Hong Kong 7s camp in Chula Vista, Calif. after his pro day, or the pre-Europe camp after the draft, as he and coach Al Caravelli have a kept a consistent dialogue.


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