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Webstream for Two Big Weekend Games
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Life University hosts NYAC and then BYU in two key games this weekend.

The Life Super League team plays rivals NYAC in a match that will likely decide who finishes first in the RSL East. That game kicks off at Noon. 

Then at 1:30 Life's undergraduate team hosts BYU in a D1-A semifinal. 

Both games will be webstreamed live here:

Viewers need to sign up with an account, but the membership is free.

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Shore Tops their Bracket
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Prognosticate all you want, Belmont Shore should emerge as the top team from the first bracket in the DI club playoffs this weekend.

Belmont Shore should be a title contender again. Pat Clifton photo.The Southern California team finished the SCRFU season 10-0, averaging a score of 47-12. They thrashed the Sacramento Lions in the Round of 32, and give no signs of slowing down.

“We’re feeling good; our trainings have been good, and everyone feels pretty focused,” said center Ed Pitts. “The big thing we’re looking at is the two-game weekend. That’s always tough, but we have really good depth, and I think we can handle it.”

Pitts said Shore has run out to so many quick leads there’s been a little concern in camp about keeping focused all game. It’s a mild worry, really, as Shore has rarely been tested.

“All of these teams are unknowns,” said Pitts. “We know a little bit about Dallas and a little bit about the other teams. We can’t worry about all of that, so we worry about our game. If we do that we’ll be OK.”

Yes they will. Dallas had pulled out some good wins, but overall they don’t have the consistency 1 through 15 to hold off Shore. The entire Belmont Shore backline can score from long range, and that’s just not the case for Dallas. They will be stressed on defense out wide.

In the forwards, Shore is better than many might expect, with Peter Dahl and Zach Fenoglio leading a hard-nosed pack that likes to win ball.

In the other game in this bracket, there will be another study in contrasts. Kansas City brings a fluid team game against an East Palo Alto Bulldogs team that is extremely physical and can turn nothing into points. EPA’s defense is what sets it apart from similar teams. They have excellent unity on defense to couple with their ability to rattle teeth.

KC will do well to keep the ball moving.

East Palo Alto Bulldogs v. Kansas City Blues
Belmont Shore v. Dallas Reds

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US 7s Team Notes
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Ian Muir photoNotes from USA 7s team:
Head Coach Alex Magleby said the team improved greatly in a number of areas, but the poor defense undercut all of that. See our Premier Section for details.

Folau Niua flew back to San Diego and had his knee operated on by Dr. David Chao. He is already starting on rehab.

The USA is fortunate to have Dr. Chao, who has been with the team for years and also works for the San Diego Chargers.

As reported earlier by, Duncan Kelm joined the team.

Zack Test was injured in Glasgow but is apparently expected to be ready by Saturday.

Peter Tiberio has a broken nose, but is expected to play.

Other players are working through small injuries, also, so this was a light week of training.


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Norfolk Confident in Pick 'em Bracket
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Norfolk Blues Head Coach Chris Porter has played and coached in plenty of rugby playoff games. Usually, he says, when his team hits that playoff wall and has to go home, he accepts it – understanding that his team went as far as it could.

Last year, he didn’t feel that way.

“That was the first time I was involved with a team where I felt we really should have made the final four, but didn’t,” said Porter. “We felt we belonged there, it just didn’t go our way. This year, we also feel like we belong.”

Going into this weekend Norfolk has a tough road ahead of them. They play Palmer, and then either the Chicago Lions or the Boston Irish Wolfhounds.

BIW is a young team that isn’t quite as savvy as last year’s. But Palmer is indeed a season club that will give the Blues some trouble.

That’s why Porter is glad to have his own veteran leadership in Ed Stockunas, Fred Wintermantel, and Drew Rogers.

“When we need to get the guys refocused, or look for that extra edge, we go to those guys,” said Porter.

The wild card in this bracket is, of course, the Chicago Lions. Seeded #4 out of the Midwest they upset #1 South seed New Orleans. OK, it wasn’t that much of an upset as the Lions were widely felt to have an improved lineup from the fall. But Head Coach Marty Wiggins hasn’t actually leaned that eahvily on old Super League stalwarts.

He’s more excited about the developing players that were with the club all fall. Dave Selimos, Luke Thiem, along with Matt Kelly, Dave Knab, Nick Viviani, and Jordan Highberger are about the future, and Wiggins has no problem with that.

So is this a recent Super League club ready to sneak up on everyone? Or a bunch of untested tyoung players ready to sneak up on everyone?

Saturday's games:
Chicago Lions v. Boston Irish Wolfhounds
Palmer v. Norfolk

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Poor Tackling Overshadows 7s Progress
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Not to get too caught up in the tackle, but it is the tackling for the USA men’s 7s team.


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