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Glendale Clinch CR2
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Glendale has officially clinched the top CR2 seed to nationals after defeating Black Ice 99-0 in yesterday’s women’s DI club match. Over the last two Saturdays, the Denver team has surrendered 186 points.

Glendale ran in 15 tries against Black Ice. (Eiden Herring photo)

Glendale is currently 5-0 with 25 points, and has scored 296 points while only allowing 32.

Four impact players - Jill Potter, Kitt Wagner, Sara Edwards and Bethany Zick Wilson – did not play, due to some much needed rest after a physical Detroit match last weekend.

“We pulled up some of our DII players for the match,” Glendale coach Lisa Rosen said. “Managing two teams in league play is very challenging, and developing the necessary depth for nationals involves a lot of careful roster management, as the new eligibility guidelines are extensive.”

The Raptors ran in 15 tries and converted all but three during 80 minutes of play. Bethany Humphrey and Hannah Stolba each recorded hat tricks; Tyra McGrady and Andrea Prusinski ran in a brace of tries; and Jen Montoya, Carol Fabrizio, Gabe Fidelman, Heidi Bauer and Tonya Ansel each dotted down once.

Stolba was Rosen’s pick for MVP, as the flyhalf added 11 conversions for a team-leading 37 points. Samantha Miller also added a conversion.

Next weekend, Glendale will host Chicago, which is one of three teams at 2-2, in the team’s final league game. While Chicago is expected to give Glendale a good game, it seems that the Raptors are running at full tilt. The talented roster was buoyed by new additions like Stolba, Wagner, Potter and McGrady this season, but as the team chemistry continues the gel, the points-for has been rising proportionately.

As the top seed out of CR2, Glendale will take the #3 seed over at the Elite 8 and play CR1’s #3 seed in the first round. The CR1 won’t know until the season’s end which team will snag the final seed. ORSU and Seattle are expected to take #1 and #2 respectively, so Glendale will likely face the Mudhens or Belmont Shore at nationals.

Women DI CR 2 Standings

W L T Pf Pa Pd BT BL Pts
Glendale 5 0 0 296 32 264 5 0 25
Austin 3 1 0 172 47 125 3 0 15
Detroit 2 2 0 74 76 -2 1 1 10
Chicago North Shore 2 2 0 112 57 55 1 0 9
Chicago 2 2 0 57 42 15 1 0 9
St. Louis* 1 3 0 34 198 -164 1 0 5
Black Ice 0 5 0 5 293 -288 0 0 0

*St. Louis forfeited a match earlier in the season and is therefore ineligible to advance to the playoffs.