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Crowd Has to Get into Game
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Can USA rugby fans get behind their team? Saturday night 7pm at Infinity Park in Glendale, Colo. is the time to prove it.

Last week a few hundred brave American souls journeyed from Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse to join several fans of the USA women’s team who had cheered the women Eagles on the night before. All converged on Toronto, and while they didn’t have the volume of the thousands of Canada fans, they didn’t shy away from supporting the Eagles.

Attendance at BMO Field in Toronto was announced at 10,621. Infinity Park doesn’t have that capacity, but the important thing is, the USA fans need to be loud.

For some reason, we at RUGBYMag.com have observed USA fans just a little timid when it comes to vocal support of their team. We think it is, in part, because the fans don’t know what to say. They know to yell when they’re happy, and boo when they’re not. But chanting USA! USA! USA! For two hours isn’t fun. You need some other things to yell:

How about “Eagles Strike!”

Or how about “Tear the Leafs!”

These are just suggestions, but perhaps an enterprising group of fans with nothing better to do on Saturday afternoon could come up with a few nice chants to get the crowd going.

Be at the game, wave your flags. And above all, no matter what you say, be loud.