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Buffalo Awakens from Winter Sleep
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University of Buffalo Rugby Lynda Hodgins photoDespite winning the New York State Rugby Conference with a perfect 6-0 record, Buffalo ended their fall season on a down note, losing 41-22 to then unranked Maryland. That loss had been gnawing on the Bison all offseason.

“It was a chip on our shoulders and everything. It really made us work harder,” said UB captain Pat Hughes. “Some of the guys felt like we might have been overrated coming into this game, so we really had to show that we’re the high caliber team that we’ve been working towards being.”

Buffalo showed just that Saturday, walloping one of the top DII teams in the country on their grounds. Buffalo made the seven-hour drive to Philadelphia and defeated St. Joe’s, ranked third in DII, 40-15.

“We put some good stuff together, so we’re pretty happy with it and it felt good for us,” said Hughes. “It was good to get back on the horse and show we’re getting ready for Nationals…This is something everyone wants to push for. This a big deal for us. Everyone really wants it.”