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Detroit Takes Out Griffins
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In DI club Midwest action, the Detroit Tradesman beat up the Chicago Griffins19-17 to improve their record to 4-2 on the year.

The scoreboard was close, but the Tradesman had a dominant performance on the day according to Secretary Ryan Koenig. “They scored on a long run off a turnover and we probably knocked on two try’s,” Koenig said.

Scoring for the Tradesman were rookie Ahmed Harajily, Andy Dauser and Jason Gookie who scored his second try in as many weeks. One guy Koenig mentioned that did a great job of doing the dirty work was no. 8 Joe Bargerstock.

“He really wore down the Lions defense with a number of long runs that set up scores for us,” Koenig said. “It gives us a lot of momentum going into next week.”

The win puts the Tradesman in contention for first place in the Midwest East division with Cincinnati’s loss to Palmer today.


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