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Super Rugby Back on DIRECTV
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Super Rugby returns to American television early Friday morning on DIRECTV channel 490. Below is the broadcast schedule for the entire season.

Blues vs Crusaders 24-Feb 1:35am EST
Brumbies vs Force 24-Feb 3:40am EST
Bulls vs Sharks 24-Feb 12:10pm EST
Chiefs vs Highlanders 25-Feb 1:35am EST
Waratahs vs Reds 25-Feb 3:40am EST
Stormers vs Hurricanes 25-Feb 10:05am EST
Lions vs Cheetahs 25-Feb 12:10pm EST
Chiefs vs Blues 2-Mar 1:35am EST
Rebels vs Waratahs 2-Mar 3:40am EST
Lions vs Hurricanes 2-Mar 12:10pm EST
Highlanders vs Crusaders 3-Mar 1:35am EST
Reds vs Force 3-Mar 3:40am EST
Cheetahs vs Bulls 3-Mar 10:05am EST
Stormers vs Sharks 3-Mar 12:10pm EST
Crusaders vs Chiefs 9-Mar 1:35am EST
Force vs Hurricanes 9-Mar 6:05am EST
Brumbies vs Cheetahs 9-Mar 11:35pm EST
Highlanders vs Waratahs 10-Mar 1:35am EST
Reds vs Rebels 10-Mar 3:10am EST
Sharks vs Lions 10-Mar 12:05pm EST
Bulls vs Blues 10-Mar 12:10pm EST
Chiefs vs Brumbies 16-Mar 1:35am EST
Stormers vs Blues 16-Mar 12:10pm EST
Hurricanes vs Highlanders 17-Mar 1:35am EST
Waratahs vs Force 17-Mar 3:40am EST
Sharks vs Reds 17-Mar 10:05am EST
Rebels vs Cheetahs 18-Mar 12:10am EST
Blues vs Hurricanes 23-Mar 1:35am EST
Rebels vs Force 23-Mar 3:40am EST
Waratahs vs Sharks 23-Mar 11:35pm EST
Crusaders vs Cheetahs 24-Mar 1:35am EST
Brumbies vs Highlanders 24-Mar 3:40am EST
Bulls vs Reds 24-Mar 12:05pm EST
Lions vs Stormers 24-Mar 12:10pm EST
Highlanders vs Rebels 30-Mar 2:35am EST
Hurricanes vs Cheetahs 31-Mar 12:30am EST
Chiefs vs Waratahs 31-Mar 2:35am EST
Brumbies vs Sharks 31-Mar 4:40am EST
Force vs Reds 31-Mar 6:40am EST
Lions vs Crusaders 31-Mar 11:05am EST
Stormers vs Bulls 31-Mar 1:10pm EST
Rebels vs Blues 5-Apr 2:35am EST
Hurricanes vs Sharks 6-Apr 3:35am EST
Reds vs Brumbies 6-Apr 5:40am EST
Force vs Chiefs 6-Apr 7:40am EST
Highlanders vs Stormers 7-Apr 3:35am EST
Cheetahs vs Lions 7-Apr 9:00am EST
Bulls vs Crusaders 7-Apr 11:05am EST
Blues vs Sharks 13-Apr 3:35am EST
Force vs Waratahs 13-Apr 7:10am EST
Crusaders vs Stormers 14-Apr 3:35am EST
Brumbies vs Rebels 14-Apr 5:40am EST
Cheetahs vs Chiefs 14-Apr 11:05am EST
Lions vs Bulls 14-Apr 1:10pm EST
Highlanders vs Blues 20-Apr 3:35am EST
Reds vs Stormers 20-Apr 5:40am EST
Hurricanes vs Crusaders 21-Apr 3:35am EST
Waratahs vs Rebels 21-Apr 5:40am EST
Sharks vs Chiefs 21-Apr 11:05am EST
Bulls vs Brumbies 21-Apr 1:10pm EST
Blues vs Reds 27-Apr 3:35am EST
Lions vs Brumbies 27-Apr 1:10pm EST
Chiefs vs Hurricanes 28-Apr 3:35am EST
Force vs Stormers 28-Apr 5:40am EST
Cheetahs vs Highlanders 28-Apr 11:05am EST
Waratahs vs Crusaders 29-Apr 1:10am EST
Hurricanes vs Blues 4-May 3:35am EST
Rebels vs Blues 4-May 5:40am EST
Chiefs vs Lions 5-May 3:35am EST
Brumbies vs Waratahs 5-May 5:40am EST
Sharks vs Highlanders 5-May 11:05am EST
Cheetahs vs Force 5-May 1:10pm EST
Crusaders vs Reds 5-May 11:00pm EST
Blues vs Lions 11-May 3:35am EST
Waratahs vs Bulls 11-May 5:40am EST
Highlanders vs Hurricanes 12-May 3:35am EST
Rebels vs Crusaders 12-May 5:40am EST
Sharks vs Force 12-May 11:05am EST
Stormers vs Cheetahs 12-May 1:10pm EST
Reds vs Chiefs 13-May 1:10am EST
Hurricanes vs Brumbies 18-May 3:35am EST
Highlanders vs Bulls 19-May 1:30am EST
Crusaders vs Blues 19-May 3:35am EST
Reds vs Lions 19-May 5:40am EST
Cheetahs vs Sharks 19-May 11:05am EST
Stormers vs Waratahs 19-May 1:10pm EST
Force vs Rebels 20-May 2:35am EST
Chiefs vs Bulls 25-May 3:35am EST
Hurricanes vs Rebels 26-May 1:30am EST
Blues vs Highlanders 26-May 3:35am EST
Brumbies vs Reds 26-May 5:40am EST
Force vs Lions 26-May 7:40am EST
Cheetahs vs Waratahs 26-May 11:05am EST
Sharks vs Stormers 26-May 1:10pm EST
Crusaders vs Highlanders 1-Jun 3:35am EST
Rebels vs Brumbies 1-Jun 5:40am EST
Blues vs Chiefs 2-Jun 3:35am EST
Waratahs vs Hurricanes 2-Jun 5:40am EST
Lions vs Sharks 2-Jun 11:05am EST
Bulls vs Stormers 2-Jun 1:10pm EST
Highlanders vs Chiefs 29-Jun 3:35am EST
Rebels vs Reds 29-Jun 5:40am EST
Crusaders vs Hurricanes 30-Jun 3:35am EST
Force vs Brumbies 30-Jun 5:40am EST
Stormers vs Lions 30-Jun 11:05am EST
Bulls vs Cheetahs 30-Jun 1:10pm EST
Chiefs vs Crusaders 6-Jul 3:35am EST
Reds vs Highlanders 6-Jul 5:40am EST
Sharks vs Bulls 6-Jul 1:10pm EST
Blues vs Force 7-Jul 3:35am EST
Waratahs vs Brumbies 7-Jul 5:40am EST
Cheetahs vs Stormers 7-Jul 9:00am EST
Lions vs Rebels 7-Jul 11:05am EST
Hurricanes vs Chiefs 13-Jul 3:35am EST
Brumbies vs Blues 14-Jul 1:30am EST
Crusaders vs Force 14-Jul 3:35am EST
Reds vs Waratahs 14-Jul 5:40am EST
Stormers vs Rebels 14-Jul 9:00am EST
Sharks vs Cheetahs 14-Jul 11:05am EST
Bulls vs Lions 14-Jul 1:10pm EST