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Gun Raffle Could Cost Team
School Age - Girls

The Head Coach of the Snow Canyon girls team could well be dismissed after the team was found to have listed a gun as a potential prize in a fundraising raffle.

Snow Canyon is trying to raise funds to get to the National Invitational Tournament in Wisconsin in May. Supporters could buy tickets to win a shotgun for $100 and a rifle for $200, so the Salt Lake City Tribune reported.

A local resident who saw players holding signs and promoting the raffle, and contacted the school.

The fundraiser was organized by parents, and while the school officials said they had nothing to do with it, they did shut it down.

The team’s coach, Cathy Hasfurther, also was unaware of the event, but may lose her job, he said. The team has a charter allowing it to use the school’s name.

"The rugby team has had a great season and has done such great things for our community," Snow Canyon Principal Warren Brooks told the Tribune. "We love the rugby team. We love the program. But we can’t condone this. We don’t want foolish things to mar their good name."