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Girls U19 Rounduip
School Age - Girls

Things are coming to a head in Girls HS and U19 rugby.

Here's a rundown of the past weekend's action:

In Southern California, Fallbrook continued their run of form by beating Back Bay 53-0 in the final. They will play Sacramento this weekend in the California state championship, a key matchup leading up to nationals.

Sacramento Amazons (Calif.) (7-1). Won the Northern California championship defeating Mother Lode 15-10.

In Oregon, second seed Canby faced off against Columbia County in the quarterfinals of the state tournament. They are looking to build on their success from previous years, appearing in the past four state championship games and winning the past two.

Kent was due to face NorCal-Alameda over the weekend in the PCRFU playoffs, but the match was cancelled. This was a somewhat bizarre turn of events, wherein Alameda reportedly stepped in at the last minute to take Mother Lode’s place in this game.

Alameda then was unable to play on Saturday, May 7, as originally scheduled, and informed Kent they wanted to play May 8 – too late for fields to be available or players to change plans. The game was never held, and no solution has been announced yet. Some think it might end up being a forfeit win for Kent. Others aren’t so sure.

This at least spells out how difficult it is to organize playoffs across several states for girls rugby. (Interestingly, the entire Pacific playoff situation was changed in order to accommodate the champions from Utah … Lowland … but Lowland never intended to participate.)

Better news in the Mid-Atlantic, where West Carroll booked their place at Nationals this past weekend with two come-back victories against North Bay and Downingtown. Downingtown trailed Union, 7-5, in the first half of the first semi-final, but came back to win 25-7. West Carroll fell behind North Bay early in the second semi-final but ground out a 10-5 win to set up a West Carroll/Downingtown final.

West Carroll again found themselves down, 5-0, early in the match but following the trend on the day, came back to win 17-10. The forwards dominated the matches, which were played on a tight 60 yard wide pitch.

"The best competition I have ever seen at a girl's EPRU/MARFU final," West Carroll coach Brad Rockwood said. "You could tell that all four clubs felt they were going to win the championship."

Down south, Ravenwood won the 2011 Tennessee State Championships, letting up only five points in their two matches. The Lady Raptors defeated Brighton in the semi-final, 29-5. Karns defeated Brentwood in the other semi-final, 19-5. In the final, Ravenwood shut out Karns, 22-0, to take the title.


Maryville won the bowl in the championships, first beating White Station, 57-10, before taking down Siegel in the final,.

In the Northeast Rugby Union Championship game at West Point, New York crushed Union, running out to a 55-13 score to take the trophy. New York was able to book a place at nationals after going undefeated during the regular season, including when the two teams met previously, when New York snuck by Union, 22-20.

In Minnesota, Wayzata remains in first place after beating Moundsview 17-0 this weekend. Wayzata is now 4-0. Orono, 3-1, won 53-0 over South.