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Eagle Eye: What About Those Five?
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Five players were named to the USA Rugby 7s All Americans that didn’t get a nod from RUGBYMag.com. As Pat Clifton wrote earlier this week, the two lists were remarkable similar. Both picked 36 players, and we disagreed on five spots.

Paul Jarvis of Dartmouth. Steve Mitchell photoWe had: Nate Augspurger, Dominic Mauer, Danny James, Seamus Siefring. And Michael St. Clair.

They had: Darrian Woodson, Jake Anderson, Chris Mattina, Shaun Potgieter, and Paul Jarvis

Now, I’m not going to defend our picks – I think they are all superb players. But I thought I’d say something about the five we didn’t pick, largely because, is it turned out, they were in our discussion.

Woodson was clearly a possibility. The Life University back is fast and athletic. I lobbied against him because I wasn’t sold on his defense. But he was really close.

I liked Jake Anderson. He is a tall, physically strong, skilled back. I think he had a ton of potential as a 7s forward. We ended up not picking him for one of those reasons you end up questioning later – he is young, and will likely be around next year, too.

Chris Mattina was like Anderson – had a lot going for him, but young. So we passed only on that.

Shaun Potgeiter was a player Pat Clifton lobbied hard for. I ended up pushing Seamus Siefring instead, a little harder. I still really like Seifring, and if he weren’t off trying to to be a US Marine, I’d be pushing for him still. But that’s not to say Potgeiter can’t play. He certainly can.

Paul Jarvis. I love Paul Jarvis. I said after the CRC that while I think Jarvis is a little small to play forward at the highest level, I’d probably still want him as my captain. I think he may be the best captain in college rugby. He is a superb leader, and perhaps that’s what makes him a great player. He’s barely taller than me (I’m 5-8), but anyone who saw Dartmouth come back to beat Cal at the CRC will see a player who doesn’t back down.

Do I bailed on Jarvis because he isn’t huge, but I know there is no one who will play harder.

USA Rugby made some excellent picks with those five … and all the ones we agree on too!