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Sad Details Emerge on West Point Rugby
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Various news reports, as well as further reporting by RUGBYMag.com, has shed more light on the West Point rugby saga.

For some time now the players on the Army men's rugby team have circulated a sort of email newsletter that jokes about fellow players and other cadets. The emails, supposedly done as an attempt at humor, are actually against US Military Academy rules. When the emails became more offensive, including various lewd jokes and comments about the relative attractiveness of female cadets, to name two examples, and were seen by other cadets, the practice became known to administration.

Reports are that the members of the team refused to allow one or two players to take the brunt of the punishment, saying they had all participated.

The internal West Point investigation found the cadets to have violated the Cadet Disciplinary Code for Unsatisfactory Behavior, Error in Judgment, Failure to Perform a Duty, and a violation of the General Article for actions which tend to reflect discredit on the Corps of Cadets and the United States Army.

The men's team has been temporarily disbanded with no reinstatement date set.

All Cadets were required to complete an intense respect rehabilitation program, involving self-assessments, reflective journals, and role-model interviews, supervised by a mentor. Class of 2013 cadets involved had to complete this program to graduate. The 14 graduating players have received their commissions.